COVID-19 Update May 20, 2020

I’ve attended several more webinars this week about forgiveness of the PPP loans. Unfortunately, everyone has the same talking points with no answers to specific questions.

If you are in the middle of your forgiveness application, don’t push the Submit button just yet. Changes are coming.

In our weekly NAPEO Federal Government Affairs Committee meeting this afternoon, we discussed the new bill that Nancy Pelosi and Marco Rubio are writing and trying to get passed in the House next week.

This new bill is a Bipartisan effort with no stimulus or CARES Act items, only proposed fixes for the PPP loans. The 2 main items they are supposed to address are 1) lowering the 75% rule for payroll and 2) increasing the 8-week time period companies during which companies must spend the PPP loan money in order to be forgiven.

Obviously, if this bill passes, it will change the forgiveness process substantially. Stay tuned!

There was an announcement from the State of Louisiana that students who were getting their meals at schools are now eligible for EBT cards. Please make sure your employees are aware they may be eligible to feed their children through this new program.

Today’s downloads:

OSHA Ramps Up Employers’ COVID-19 Recordkeeping Obligations – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration just issued new guidance for enforcing its COVID-19 recordkeeping requirements. This will help you get a grip on it.

Louisiana to feed 600,000 students – This is an announcement that you should share with all employees about eligible food programs for students.

Is Your Business Ready To Apply for Loan Forgiveness? – This is the slide deck from a FordHarrison webinar that really breaks things down the current forgiveness process in a fairly simplistic manner.

Should You Monitor Workers Who Aren’t Social Distancing Off Duty? – Employers who choose to monitor off-duty conduct may be legally permitted to send home workers who aren’t social distancing off-duty if the policy is applied consistently.

I hope you are having a great week!

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