We Help Companies Reduce The Costs And Risks Of Employee Management – Faster, Better, And Cheaper

HR demands can quickly grow beyond your company’s current expertise or infrastructure.

But you don’t need a million different vendors to solve this problem.

You need a “side-by-side” partner, helping you to actively manage the costs and risks associated with employee management such as payroll, benefits, recruiting, and safety training.

You need a strategic consultant who alerts you to risk, helps you prevent problems before they occur, and handles them decisively when they do.

We will be that trusted partner who responds when you call.

Same day. Not tomorrow or the day after.

We’re your trusted HR partner, with in-house specialists to help you manage:

We help you reduce labor costs, increase profitability, and stay focused on critical business issues while we handle the stress and paperwork of taxes, payroll, and compliance.

As your co-employment partner, we also look after your staff with the same interest and care that you do.

Our roots are 50 years deep in Louisiana soil.

We are a family-owned business, born and bred in the heart of Louisiana. In 1968, we started offering personnel services to local businesses, but we soon recognized a need for a trusted local company that could help small businesses who were experiencing problems scaling and juggling HR issues at the same time.

We understand the struggle and work it takes to build and run a successful company, and that’s why we’re ideally positioned to help you. When you join our Delta family, you benefit from our 50 years of experience as we help your company reach its full potential. We service New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and the rest of southeast Louisiana.

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