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What if Instead of Insuring Against Liability, You Could Just Hand it to Someone Else?

Take Control of Risks

Track all your workers’ comp costs, distribute online training, fulfill OSHA compliance, and consolidate incident reporting in one location. Leverage best-in-market technology to reduce risks and make informed decisions.

Reduce Losses

Improve both your loss control (mitigating the costs that arise when injuries occur) and your loss prevention (investigating incidents and taking corrective action) by handing over all the administrative work to our trained professionals.

Kiss Claims Goodbye

Let Delta take the lead on managing every claim. From HR-related employee issues to at-work injuries. Plus, if an employee sues your business, our employment liability insurance (EPLI) coverage will safeguard you.

Save Money Monthly

You’ll enjoy lower insurance rates through our volume buying discounts. You’ll also benefit from our broad expertise in safety and loss control, nationwide coverage, and professional claims management.

How can you benefit from removing liability?

Despite the fact that smaller businesses face disproportionate compliance burdens, research shows that our clients perform slightly better than other employers on workers’ compensation.

Don’t do this alone. Get a partner who’s got your back.

Maybe you wanted to let your team handle claims management in-house because you wanted to keep an eye on things. However, it didn’t take long for the complexity and pitfalls of proper compliance to overwhelm you and your team.

Don’t worry. Outsourcing your claims coverage and management to an all-in-one HR solutions provider offers the best protection from your worst fears.

You won’t need to fear:

  • Stepping out of compliance
  • Stiff penalties
  • Costly litigation
  • OSHA education
  • Claims management

Delta Administrative Services provides risk management professionals and other specialists who prevent your company from falling into claims crises.

Never worry about OSHA again.

Keeping up with safety regulations is no small task. A visit from OSHA could cost you thousands of dollars if you miss something and are found non-compliant.

What if you could see behind walls and correct OSHA issues before OSHA auditors made a surprise visit?

By letting us perform a mock audit, you can eliminate a lot of stress AND potential consequences.

Don’t leave yourself open for surprises. Find out exactly what your problem areas are, so you can resolve them before OSHA slaps you with a fine.

Learn more about how our team can make your business a safe and compliant work environment. We service New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and the rest of southeast Louisiana.

Real Businesses. Real Results.

“When my employees cut themselves—Delta’s driving here and filling out a full-report. When employees aren’t doing their jobs and managers are not up to par, Delta comes here to help me follow protocol for disciplinary actions. That gives me confidence. Because they make sure all my ‘t’s are crossed, ‘i’s are dotted, and no one can come back to file a lawsuit against us.”

– Franchisee Joe Scardino of Voodoo BBQ

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