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Let us put an end to your insurance claim nightmares.

Handling frequent insurance claims can feel like you’re in a never-ending nightmare.

A workers’ comp claim wasn’t filled out accurately, creating a compliance violation. An unemployment claim wasn’t submitted on time, causing your company to be fined. One of your best workers was injured and has trouble keeping doctor appointments, which in turn delays their return to work.

And perhaps worst of all, these problems keep eating up your valuable time, causing you to fall further and further behind in your work.

Then you find out that your EPLI premium has gone up yet again – it really is a nightmare.

Perhaps, you’ve considered outsourcing claims management, but you’re not sure if you can trust an outside company to do the job right and handle everything cost-effectively.

That’s where Delta Administrative Services can truly come to your rescue. With DAS, all of the hassle is eliminated, because we handle every aspect of insurance claims, including EPLI coverage.

We not only file workers’ comp claims for you, but we also investigate the accident so we can identify and fix the root cause. We also ensure your employees get to the doctor promptly and keep their appointments, so they can return to work ASAP.

Delta takes your pain away by handling everything from claims reporting to compliance, audits, and more. DAS also provides risk management and safety training that can actually reduce your EPLI premiums.

With no more worries about claims management, you’re free to work on actually helping your business run better. No more wasted time filling out tedious workers’ comp claims. No more worries about whether paperwork was filed on time. No more sleepless nights wondering how you can handle all these problems and still do your job properly.

Now you can actually enjoy going to work again. Your job is easier, your problems are fewer, and your life is better.

On top of that, you’ll be able to watch your company’s productivity and profits go up, and your insurance premiums go down because of more effective risk management procedures and improved safety.

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