Powerful Solutions That Take the Stress Out of Payroll

Eliminate Time-Tracking Errors.

Integrate your time-keeping and payroll systems with our geo-tracking and biometric data to precisely track employee time, all online. Pay employees accurately and fairly, with no more rounding errors.

IRS-Proof Your Payroll.

Let us handle your payroll tax paperwork and say goodbye to worries about IRS audits or penalties. We make sure your records are ship-shape and every document is filed on time, every time.

Root Out Hidden Costs.

Our team of HR professionals will study your business, identify hidden payroll costs, and come up with effective ways to reduce or eliminate them.

Automate HR Access.

Give your employees on demand access to pay stubs, benefits, 401K, and other HR information using our all-in-one web-based portal. From handbooks to training, it’s all accessible online 24/7/365.

When you partner with Delta Administrative Services, you get instant, on-demand, mobile-friendly access to our comprehensive technology platform. Manage payroll, benefits, and HR needs all in one place. 

Protect Your Business From Payroll Pitfalls

Your employees deserve to be paid accurately and on time. But electronic billing reports, multi-state payrolls, overtime calculations, wage garnishments, holiday pay, and tax withholdings take time, and that’s a valuable asset that is always in short supply.

Outsourcing your payroll to a professional employer organization (PEO) will relieve you and your staff of the administrative strain and ensure that your payroll gets submitted on time, every time.

We will take the complications of payroll off your to-do list and help you avoid the pitfalls that threaten to derail your business. Deductions, taxes, benefits, and overtime: done.

This is what HR freedom feels like.

Real Businesses. Real Results.

“I find Delta’s payroll fair. We are paying less to process payroll with Delta than in the past. When you think about it that makes no sense…Delta’s been an asset for payroll alone.”

Director of Operations Willie Mendez for Bead Tree’s McAlister’s Deli

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