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25Nov 20

COVID-19 Update November 25, 2020

Thanksgiving is an important time of reflection. Now, more than ever, we should be counting our blessings and remembering how we are resilient. After facing so much adversity during these unprecedented times, there’s no doubt we will be stronger than before. On the COVID-19 front, yesterday, Governor John Bel Edwards announced that the aggressive third surge of cases across all regions of Louisiana has forced the state to regress back to guidelines that closely resemble the previous Phase 2 measures…

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20Nov 20

COVID-19 Update November 20, 2020

Earlier this week, the US Treasury Department and IRS released new guidance to clarify the tax treatment of expenses where a Paycheck Protection Program (PPP loan) has not been forgiven by the end of the year the loan was received. The two documents that accompanied this guidance include the Revenue Ruling, and the Revenue Procedure. Furthermore, in the case where a PPP loan was expected to be forgiven, and it is not, businesses will be able to deduct those expenses.…

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20Nov 20

Dialed in with Delta: How to WFH the Right Way

Delta has deep Louisiana roots in the people business, providing resources for the community since our founding in 1968. For this episode of our monthly vlog, to provide guidance for remote employees, our expert panel discussed the ergonomic design of a home office, keeping employees healthy (both mentally & physically) and motivated, and protecting your data from internet hackers. Guest speakers included: • Beth Winkler, FAAOMPT, CIDN – Founder of Magnolia Physical Therapy • Dima Ghawi – Leadership Coach &…

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18Nov 20

COVID-19 Update November 18, 2020

Just wrapped our NAPEO board meeting with lots to share. First off, there are a few important upcoming dates to keep in mind: By December 8th, the states must report the electoral count to the federal government. On December 14th, the electoral college meets and formally declares a winner, baring any lawsuits still pending. On January 6th, the congress holds a joint session to ratify and confirm the elected president. On January 21st is the swearing-in ceremony and official first…

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16Nov 20

COVID-19 Update November 16, 2020

Hope those of you on the Gulf Coast were able to enjoy today’s cold front. As you’ve probably heard, COVID-19 cases have begun to surge all over the country. Last week, Louisiana Governor Edwards extended Phase 3 through December 4th, stressing the importance of working together to stop the spread by staying cautious. Everyone needs to stay focused on these safety measures so we can avoid any more lockdowns. Furthermore, compliance enforcement continues as a petition filed by Republican members…

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11Nov 20

COVID-19 Update November 11, 2020

Our NAPEO Federal Affairs Committee just wrapped and there’s plenty of information to share about what is going on in DC: The takeaway from the election is how close the vote was in several states. Analysts expect the new administration will attempt to change multiple federal HR regulations, despite the ongoing pandemic. Many have begun to predict what the next four years will bring, specifically, the top workplace developments to expect under President Biden. However, change may be difficult given…

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09Nov 20

COVID-19 Update November 9, 2020

Vote counting has neared its end, with many news outlets declaring that Joe Biden will be next President of the United States, as well as another split Congress between the two parties. However, since each state determined its own voting measures to curb COVID-19 cases, President Donald Trump's campaign and other Senate/House candidates are suing to determine if certain results are constitutional. Once things settle down, we should be able to provide further guidance on what to expect from the…

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04Nov 20

COVID-19 Update November 4, 2020

The 2020 presidential election during a pandemic sure has been interesting, especially given the record turnout at the polls. Hopefully, by 2024 there will be more advanced technology to streamline the voting and counting processes since it looks like we will be waiting a few days for the final results. Once we have a better idea of how the government is shaping up, we’ll provide an update and share predictions from our company perspective. Furthermore, there were several ballot measures…

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