The Vision for Stress-Free HR

Whether your team consists of one employee or 1,000, Delta Administrative Services was designed to support you. We help you manage the administrative side of HR, grow your business, and stay compliant without getting sidelined by paperwork and red tape.

In 1968, Victor Lawrence founded Delta Personnel. When Victor became ill with Parkinson’s disease, it didn’t take long for his son David to recognize the huge burden that HR management could place on a small business owner’s shoulders.

As David juggled the demands and responsibilities of Delta Personnel’s HR department, he observed that many of the company’s clients were experiencing the same HR challenges.

And that’s when he knew it was time to take action.

The Birth of Delta Administrative Services

David’s quest for a better small business HR solution took him to Tampa, Florida, the birthplace of a newly minted solution then called “employee leasing,” but now known as a PEO, or Professional Employer Organization. The idea was that companies could partner with an HR service provider as co-employers, thereby mitigating costs and relieving businesses of excessive HR burdens.

Shortly thereafter, David handed the reins of Delta Personnel over to his wife and founded Delta Administrative Services, one of the first PEOs in Louisiana.

Louisiana’s Trusted HR Partner

Since 2001, David has worked tirelessly to bring HR solutions to small businesses in the Gulf Coast area. Delta now serves clients from Lafayette, Louisiana to Meridian, Mississippi.

Our goal is to provide extensive HR support to small businesses like yours. With Delta at your back, you can focus your attention on growing your business, winning the war for talent, and remaining responsive and nimble in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

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