COVID-19 Update May 21, 2020

Today we have some new releases from the CDC, IRS, and the DOL. It looks like everyone is getting back to work!

The information shared yesterday about Congress looking to make changes to the PPP forgiveness parameters looks to be gaining strength in both parties. Don’t look for anything new on this until after June 1. It looks like the Senate will be on recess from this Friday until June 1st, but you never know these days.

Today’s downloads:

CDC releases Comprehensive Coronavirus Guidance – this is an SHRM summary about the new criteria for reopening the economy and tracking coronavirus cases, with specific instructions for child care centers, schools and day camps, restaurants, and bars, mass transit, and all employers with high-risk workers. If you would like the actual 60+ page document, let us know and we will be happy to provide it.

DOL Streamlines Overtime Rule for Commission-Based Retail and Service Workers – This is an SHRM article breaking down the change the DOL has made to simplify the overtime exemption for commission-based workers in retail and service industries.

How to Protect Company Data When Laying Off Remote Workers – We thought this was a timely article, since so many workers are now remote and companies need to make sure they have good rules and processes in place for protecting company data.

IRS Announces New Limits for 2021 for HSA and High Deductible Health Plans – This article reviews the new HAS contribution limits for 2021.

Thanks for all the great feedback on the information we are sharing. Please reach out if you have any specific needs that need to be addressed.

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