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Access Benefit Packages That Help Attract and Retain Quality Talent.

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The Big Carrot Without the Big Stick

With Delta, you can join hundreds of other businesses and gain access to the best and most attractive employee benefit packages on the market. Now you’ll be able to offer high-quality benefits and celebrate the low cost with your employees.

Don’t Go It Alone

Navigating HR waters can be rough and treacherous. Get expert care from our experienced team. We deal with things like government filings, annual compliance tests, and delivery notices every single day. It’s what we do. Take a load off and let Delta shoulder the burden.

Keep Your Team Happy

Because we offer all-in-one HR solutions, you can seamlessly bring your team benefits that provide financial security and peace-of-mind. Full integration means HR solutions and benefits packages are easy to access and simple to understand.

Recruit and Retain Great Staff with Great Benefits

Even the largest, most sophisticated companies struggle with attracting quality employees, so what hope does your small business have?

You can’t afford to offer fancy employee benefit packages or 401K plans to compete with the big boys. And even if you could afford those benefits, you certainly don’t have the extra time or personnel to manage all the administration.

Outsourcing your HR to Delta Administrative Services opens the door to a much wider talent pool, because it allows you to compete in the larger marketplace.

With Delta you gain access to Fortune 500-caliber benefits: Major medical, prescription drug, dental, vision, disability programs, and a wealth of employee assistance becomes available.

Real Businesses. Real Results.

“I worked for a large school system for many years. I spent $600 every month just on premiums, only to spend more money when I went to the doctor because our deductible was also high.  I started working for Bizzuka, which is a small company. Given our size, we outsource our benefits through Delta, and the difference in coverage is night and day. Now I have lower premiums and better coverage, that's a win-win situation for my family.  To give an example, I usually pay over $200 for my eye exams, even when I had vision insurance with the school system. With Delta’s coverage, I had a co-pay of $10. I was worried about switching my insurance because I didn't understand how a smaller company could provide me with better healthcare, but they did.  Now I finally have benefits that meet my family's needs.”

Sarah - Bizzuka, employee

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