COVID-19 Update July 13, 2020

Louisiana Governor has signed House Bill no.70 during the recent special session, which provides a one-time $250 hazard pay to frontline workers during the coronavirus pandemic. Applications for the payment will be open from Wednesday, July 15, through October through the Louisiana Department of Revenue website; however, as checks will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis, only the first 200,000 who apply and meet the state’s criteria (performed essential activities for at least 200 hours outside of their home from March 22 through May 14 and make $50,000 or less) will receive a check. Thus, eligible workers must have been employed in at least one of the following essential critical infrastructure sector jobs on or after March 11, 2020:

  • (aa) Nurses, assistants, aides, medical residents, pharmacy staff, phlebotomists, respiratory therapists, and workers providing direct patient care in inpatient and outpatient dialysis facilities.
  • (bb) Housekeeping, laundry services, food services, and waste management personnel in hospitals and healthcare facilities.
  • (cc) Long-term care facility personnel, outpatient care workers, home care workers, personal assistance providers, home health providers, home delivered meal providers, childcare service providers.
  • (dd) Emergency medical services (EMS) personnel, fire and rescue personnel, law enforcement personnel, public health epidemiologists.
  • (ee) Bus drivers; retail fuel center personnel; sanitation personnel; residential, commercial, and industrial solid waste and hazardous waste removal personnel; storage and disposal personnel.
  • (ff) Grocery store, convenience store, and food assistance program personnel.
  • (gg) Mortuary service providers.
  • (hh) Veterinary service staff.

Additionally, I attended another captivating NAPEO webinar last week about the economy and Covid-19. The enclosed presentation’s macro data in the beginning helps support the back end of the document, which outlines how this pandemic is going to affect PEOs in the long run. One thing that stood out to me was a map that showed counties divided by thirds of Covid-19 deaths compared to percent of US population. Lots of great economic outlook comparisons to preceding downturns as well. Feel free to take a look and let us know if you have any questions.


Today’s Downloads:

  1. House Bill no.70 – This is the document for the new legislation mentioned above on hazard pay for essential workers.
  2. Statewide Face Covering Order –The state’s new guidelines on face covering, as detailed in Proclamation Number 89 JBE 2020.
  3. Economic Analysis of the Covid-19 Impact & Recovery: Insights for PEOs – This is the aforementioned PowerPoint from NAPEO’s CEO.
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