COVID-19 Update July 14, 2020

Interesting article today from our local business newspaper about the Louisiana Unemployment Trust Fund at risk of running out of unemployment dollars before the end of September. Since this is a common threat for all states facing unprecedented numbers of people out of work and in need of unemployment compensation, the federal government is going to have to step in to help. While Congress has been in discussion about extending the weekly $600 unemployment payments past the end of July, some states are going to require additional funding to be able to do so. See the article below for more details.

The country is in a tough spot, and as usual, Congress debating how best to help. Finding a balance between helping small businesses stay afloat and providing income to the people that are out of work due to COVID-19 will be difficult until we can get a handle on the Pandemic. Typically, whenever money and Congress are involved, it gets political, and the outcome may not be what is best for the country.

Teresa and I have faith that we will all get through this stronger and smarter than before.


Today’s Downloads:

  1. LWC Unemployment Trust Fund Could Be Insolvent by September – Louisiana experienced its biggest employment increase on record from April to May, though unemployment remains high and some 300,000 people are receiving unemployment benefits, a state official said Tuesday.
  2. Mississippi Businesses Face County-Specific Mask Mandates And Receive Protections From Civil Suits – In an effort to slow the rising number of positive COVID-19 cases, Mississippi governor Tate Reeves recently issued Executive Order 1507, requiring businesses in 13 counties to require masks for both their employees and customers.
  3. Pandemic Leaves Some Struggling with Survivor Guilt at Work – COVID-19 has forced many organizations to reduce their staff, which can cause workers who remain to feel guilty, stressed, or anxious as they are asked to take on more work in their colleagues’ absence.
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