COVID-19 Update December 18, 2020

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Congress averted a government shutdown this evening with a stop-gap bill. The House and the Senate have passed a two-day continuing resolution to keep the government funded as COVID relief negotiations endure. It is now headed to President Donald Trump’s desk and he needs to sign it by midnight tonight. Lawmakers are hoping to buy more time to finalize a $900 billion Coronavirus relief package.

Furthermore, the first round of vaccines is in the process of being distributed with the vast majority of the supplied injections going to front-line healthcare workers. This is only the first vaccine approved under the emergency rule from the FDA, and at least 2 more variations are expected by mid-January, according to various reports.

There is information coming out almost daily on how these vaccines will affect HR. Employers now have clarification that they will be able to mandate the COVID-19 vaccine among their workers in certain circumstances without running afoul of key federal anti-discrimination laws, according to updated guidance issued Wednesday by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The EEOC also expounded on what to do if an employee refuses to take the vaccination.

The National Restaurant Association has released a guide for operational safety with plenty of useful tips and directions that can apply to any business. It can also help you determine if your favorite local watering hole is staying compliant or if you should skip dining out at that particular spot.

Lastly, with the FFCRA still set to expire at the end of 2020, SHRM published an article on what the expiration of these paid-leave requirements would mean for any worker that may be exposed to COVID-19.

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