COVID-19 Update November 16, 2020

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Hope those of you on the Gulf Coast were able to enjoy today’s cold front.

As you’ve probably heard, COVID-19 cases have begun to surge all over the country. Last week, Louisiana Governor Edwards extended Phase 3 through December 4th, stressing the importance of working together to stop the spread by staying cautious. Everyone needs to stay focused on these safety measures so we can avoid any more lockdowns.

Furthermore, compliance enforcement continues as a petition filed by Republican members of the Louisiana House of Representatives to overturn Governor Edwards’ pandemic mitigation strategies, which are supported by science and the White House Coronavirus Task Force, was ruled by Judge Morvant as moot and that the law used to submit it was unconstitutional.

In other Louisiana news, New Orleans Saints quarterback, Drew Brees left yesterday’s game with a multitude of serious injuries, including broken ribs, a collapsed lung, and a thrown shoulder. Injury reserve is not currently in consideration. Unfortunately, we are hosting Atlanta next week, our long-time rival. Please keep Drew’s recovery in your prayers, regardless of your favorite NFL team.

As noted in previous emails, Supreme Court Justices seem unlikely to strike down the entire Affordable Care Act (ACA). Considering the two consolidated cases, it will be determined whether reducing the penalty to zero in 2019 rendered the minimum-coverage provision unconstitutional—and, if so, whether the rest of the ACA can remain enforceable without it. Given the fact that ACA was enacted while Joe Biden served as President Barack Obama’s vice president, it is presumed that the president-elect will be continuing to build on its framework. In the midst of a pandemic, Biden has made it clear that healthcare is one of his main priorities for his first 100 days. Health experts have shared insights on how the Biden administration might affect impact certain healthcare policies.

Lastly, Dialed in with Delta has been rescheduled for this Friday 11/20 at 1pm. Tune in to hear from experts on “how to work from home the right way,” featuring a discussion on ergonomic home office design, data protection from hackers, keeping remote employees motivated, and more.

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