COVID-19 Update March 3, 2021

The IRS finally released some FAQs on ERTC with details on how to take advantage of the tax credit program even if your company took the PPP loan. Delta is here if you have any questions about how to apply or if you’d like to find out if you’re eligible.

As expected, the proposed $1.9 trillion stimulus bill is still stuck in Congress over various controversial issues, including the increase of the federal minimum wage to $15/hr. The House passed a version with a subsidy for COBRA where the employee has to pay 15% of the premium and the employer is responsible for the remaining 85% via payroll taxes. It has gone to the Senate for approval, who had included a 100% subsidy for COBRAs for the employees in their version. Stay tuned as we learn more.

As a business leader, you make important personnel decisions on a daily basis. From hiring new workers to assigning duties, each of your decisions affects employees in a unique way. Although these actions are critical to running your business, they also create exposures that could lead to costly claims by employees or governmental regulators. To better understand the level of risk your business faces on a daily basis, we’ve enclosed an Employee Practices Liability Scorecard. Our PEO clients receive our best practices as they’re included in our policy.

Louisiana is moving into Phase 3 as over a million residents have received at least one does of the COVID-19 vaccine. Meanwhile, as you’ve probably heard by now, Texas and Mississippi have lifted statewide mask mandates and business capacity limits. Furthermore, more employers are requiring employees to return to the office, and AI devices are helping to enable a safe transition back to their previous work environment. Many are wondering if the workers who refuse can be disciplined or terminated given the Biden administration’s recent announcement that laid-off individuals who turn down work because of COVID-19 safety concerns may be eligible for unemployment benefits. The ADA does not require reasonable accommodations for employees at high risk for contracting the Coronavirus, but employers are nonetheless trying to accommodate workers in such circumstances.

Please continue to remain vigilant and practice safety to protect the most vulnerable members of our community. We will get through this – there’s a light at the end of the tunnel!

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