COVID-19 Update July 6, 2020

Friendly reminder to register via this link for the webinar hosted by Goldman Sachs 10skb tomorrow, July 7th at 10 AM CST where our very own David Lawrence has been invited to be a guest speaker alongside Eric Bosch, an accountant with Laporte, to provide insights on PPP guidance and forgiveness documentation.

Furthermore, the following states thus far have passed laws that limit liability for employers COVID-19 related exposures: Georgia, Iowa, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Wyoming. These laws provide immunity from liability for claims of exposure to, or infection from Covid-19 where an employer has acted in good faith in accordance with federal, state, or local guidance. They are not intended to shield anyone from intentional or reckless or negligence for employers.

Below, I’m enclosing the latest AICPA spreadsheet for PPP forgiveness recently updated from the one that we circulated about a month ago and mentioned it was constantly being updated. It seems that most banks are following this as the base guideline for forgiveness, so if you follow it accordingly you should be approved by your banker. Please take a look and let us know if you have any questions.


Today’s Downloads:

  1. AICPA PPP Forgiveness Calculator – Here is the most up-to-date spreadsheet since the new PPPFA was passed and guidance issued.
  2. CDC Guidance Reiterates Importance of Cloth Face Masks – While encouraging employees to wear masks, the agency also offered examples of when they might not be appropriate or necessary based on science and supported by emerging studies.
  3. New Florida Law Shortens Time for Filing Certain Discrimination Claims – The Amendment is beneficial to Florida employers as it greatly reduces the time period in which a charging party may bring a lawsuit alleging violations of the FCRA where the FCHR fails to issue a determination within 180 days.
  4. Delta’s Post Coronavirus Office Checklist – As organizations create return‐to‐work plans, many employers are reviewing best practices for their post-coronavirus office. By updating office layouts, encouraging new behaviors and expanding remote work options, employers can help prevent the spread of diseases and protect the health and safety of employees. Use this checklist as a guide when evaluating changes to your office.


Once again, here is the link to register for the webinar tomorrow. We hope you are able to tune in!

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