COVID-19 Update April 6, 2020

If you need documents for your Paycheck Protection Program loan application, we are sending them out in the order we receive these requests. Patience is greatly appreciated. Just as a reminder tax documents have already been uploaded to our online portal for all owners to access them. After logging in, you will find these tax forms under Client Documents.

For our PEO clients, we have attached more info that you can provide to your bank for facilitating your PPP loan application. Here are today’s documents that we believe you’ll find helpful:

  • FAQ for PEO Clients – this document is from NAPEO and should be shared with your bankers to help them understand the documents that we will be providing them are all they need.
  • What Qualifies as Payroll Costs – another document from NAPEO sharing what are currently considered Payroll Costs. As of today, Workers Compensation and our payroll processing fees are not considered part of payroll costs.
  • PPP Overview – this is a brief overview from the SBA website that we thought would be helpful.
  • PPP Two Pager – this is simple but detailed description about the PPP Loan process provided by GNO, Inc.

If you have not started your PPP loan process, its time!

Remember it’s first come first served.

ALSO NOTE THAT SOME BANKS WILL REACH THEIR SBA LOAN CAPACITY VERY QUICKLY. Many have already haulted acceptance of new applications.

Please reach out to your banker and get all the documents they are requesting and be prepared with all of them before you start the process, it will go much smoother!
In our bank process if you must log out because you don’t have what is needed, you start all over again, so please be prepared.

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