COVID-19 Update April 4, 2020

Hoping you have sent in your PPP loan documents and are not working on the weekend like me to get all the information needed to apply for these loans!

Today the message is short– we just wanted to give you some updated information.

Here are the documents included today:

  • Coronavirus Emergency Loans Small Business Guide and Checklist – This is a quick guide from the US Chamber of commerce of how the Small Business Loan process works (4 pages). It is well done and worth sharing. It is a newly updated version to the document we shared online on our March 29 Update (the links on that post have also been updated with the new document).
  • NAPEO Letter to Lenders – this is a revision to the letter we posted yesterday from NAPEO President & CEO Patrick Cleary. Because so many lenders don’t understand the PEO relationship, NAPEO felt this letter could provide lenders with a clear explanation and would help with your loan application. We are providing this to all our PEO clients, so you can include this with your loan application along with all your payroll documentation that we will provide. The link provided in our previous post has also been updated with the new letter.
  • Paycheck Protection Program Application – this is a revised application released today by the SBA for the PPP Loan program. If you are not aware, the SBA made some minor changes to the PPP application yesterday. Downloads on our previous posts have been updated, as well, with the new document.

Have a great weekend and stay safe!!

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