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What Is A PEO?

Strength through Unity.

Get the Power of the PEO.

PEOs are Simple

Strong ropes are made of many cords. One cord snaps easily, but bundled with hundreds of others, the little cords create an extremely strong rope capable of lifting or pulling incredible weights.

PEOs are Professional Employer Organizations, but a PEO is really a lot like that strong rope. PEOs unify small businesses to create incredible synergies and buying power. In a PEO, each individual business can get big-company benefits at fair prices.

The Delta Administrative Services PEO also supports your company with a team of experts that take care of payroll, compliance, and HR all in one place.

Team of HR experts

  • We assign a team of HR experts to your business. That lets you return to working ON your business instead of IN your business.

Digtial HR Keeps you in Control

  • Our software lets you hand over the hassles while giving you instant access to important information through intuitive dashboards.

Benefit Packages that Keep Employees Happy

  • You don’t need to pay a high price to offer top-notch benefits.

Get Protected

  • We become your shield from government complexities, and we help ensure your compliance.

You can:

  • Stress less
  • Save more
  • Be more productive
  • Get peace-of-mind and
  • Regain Control of Your Business
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