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Handling HR Keeps You Working IN Your Business. Outsourcing Your HR Frees You Up so You Can Get Back to Working ON Your Business.

Growing your company comes at a cost; unfortunately, that cost is your time.

You started your business to chase your dreams, to solve big problems, and to be your own boss.

Now, HR issues and management eat up your time and energy.

Did You Know That Delta Handles:

Including 940s, 941s, W2s, W4s, FLSA, and I-9s.

Reviewing and negotiating claims, avoiding wrongful terminations, and reducing insurance rates.

Evaluating healthcare plan options, obtaining and funding a great health plan, reporting, and communicating with employees.

Lowering your insurance rates through group buying, administering claims, and dealing with related reporting requirements.

Identifying causes of injuries and implementing ongoing training, coaching, and communication to create a safer work environment.

Our HR experts protect you by ensuring that you are fully compliant with all current government regulations, including interviewing, hiring, I-9 compliance, discipline, termination, and even whether your job classifications are aligned with applicable wage and hour laws.

If you’re swamped by managing HR and filing reports, then we can save you time and money.

So much of your success in business is built on your efforts and endeavors, but dealing with HR on your own can turn into a huge time drain.

You might be thinking, “what else can I do? I can’t afford to hire someone… I have to do it.”

You might be asking yourself if someone else would really do this the right way? Would anyone else care as much as you do?

What if someone can help you take better care of your business?

Most business owners are spending well over 200 hours per year on HR. If you think hiring someone is expensive, how much do you value 200 hours of your time?

When clients hand over a multitude of HR issues to us, they get back those 200 hours. Our business owners use those 200+ hours to grow their business 7-9% faster, to lower turnover by 10-14%, and to decrease their chances of failure by 50%.

Isn’t it time you got those 200+ hours back? Let us manage your HR, so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Imagine looking at your screen one time and seeing everything was OK. Nothing was due. No issues to solve.

When Delta’s Full-Service HR manages your payroll creation, reporting, benefits, and HR administration, you don’t have to imagine—it’s your new reality.

You’ll finally be free to focus on creating an amazing customer experience. You can be fully confident that your staff – whether it’s manufacturing, programming, or creative staff – and your benefits are being managed by Delta’s human resource professionals.

“I worked for a large school system for many years. I spent $600 every month just on premiums, only to spend more money when I went to the doctor because our deductible was also high.  I started working for Bizzuka, which is a small company. Given our size, we outsource our benefits through Delta, and the difference in coverage is night and day. Now I have lower premiums and better coverage, that’s a win-win situation for my family.  To give an example, I usually pay over $200 for my eye exams, even when I had vision insurance with the school system. With Delta’s coverage, I had a co-pay of $10. I was worried about switching my insurance because I didn’t understand how a smaller company could provide me with better healthcare, but they did.  Now I finally have benefits that meet my family’s needs.”

Sarah – Bizzuka, employee

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