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How To Increase Profits In A Multi-Restaurant Operation

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Learn how to boost your profits while reducing problems.

Your restaurants can make more money while causing you less stress.

Low profit margins can be caused by many factors – but with the right help you can identify these issues and turn things around.

Perhaps you’re having problems with payroll because overtime is not being paid accurately – which causes compliance issues and costs you money.

You’re spending far too much time handling employee benefits enrollment manually, which leads to costly errors on top of wasted time.

There are far too many accidents in your kitchens involving knives, which results in a multitude of problems and really cuts into your profits (no pun intended).

It all adds up to more stress and aggravation for you – and less profits for your entire operation.

You might be thinking about contacting a payroll company to help with these issues, but you’re not sure that will work. You doubt whether they can really handle payroll, benefits, and other administrative tasks accurately and cost-effectively.

You’re also not sure if you can trust an “outside” company to be reliable, efficient, and responsive to your specific needs.

A PEO can become part of your team and provide solutions to your unique problems.

Think of the PEO as playing a role similar to your kitchen staff. They handle all of the food prep, cooking, dish washing, ordering of supplies, etc. – while you run the front of the house and focus on the details that will make your customers happy and ultimately increase your profits.

The PEO takes care of the mundane, time-consuming, behind-the-scenes tasks – while you focus on more important business issues that can help improve your bottom line.

Here’s a specific example of how a PEO can help you eliminate problems and increase profits: Restaurant X was having problems paying overtime accurately. Delta Administrative Services (DAS) provided training and support on overtime rules, which saved the restaurant from potential lawsuits and DOL audits.

Another restaurant had been handling employee benefits enrollment manually, which caused multiple problems and a great deal of wasted time. DAS implemented electronic enrollment, saving the client significant time and money – while also allowing the restaurant to offer better benefits and attract more top quality employees.

Yet another restaurant was suffering from a rash of cutting accidents throughout their restaurant chain. DAS monitored the kitchen activity and performed a mock OSHA audit. DAS then recommended continual safety training as well as the use of cut-proof gloves in all of the kitchens.

As a result, cutting accidents were reduced 90% – which lowered risk, reduced workers’ comp premiums, and boosted the client’s profit margin significantly.

These are but a few examples of how a PEO like DAS can help you eliminate problems and increase profit margins when you outsource payroll, benefits, HR, and risk management.

Just as importantly, with these burdensome tasks taken care of, you’ll have much more time to focus on running your business.

Rather than dealing with yet another accident in the kitchen, you can work on ways to make food prep and service more efficient. You won’t have to spend your time watching over the kitchen crew like a hawk – instead, you can focus on recruiting that new executive chef you’d like to hire.

Your compliance issues will disappear – no more fines cutting into your profits. The end result is that your profits will increase while your stress and aggravation decrease.

If you’re ready to start increasing your profits quickly, DAS is your ideal partner.

The team at Delta Administrative Services can put you on the fast track to increased profit margins by identifying problems and providing effective solutions tailored to your unique restaurant operation.

If you’re ready to start increasing your profits quickly, Delta is your ideal partner. It’s a partnership that can make your life a little easier and your business much better.

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