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David Lawrence is the CEO and founder of Delta Administrative Services.

In 1968, David’s father, Victor Lawrence, founded Delta Personnel. When Victor became ill with Parkinson’s disease, David took the helm. It didn’t take long for David to recognize the huge burden that HR management could bring on a small business.

With a degree in business and economics from Centenary College and extensive sales experience, David was not only able to stabilize Delta, but he and his wife, Teresa, grew the company into one of the leading temporary personnel agencies in the south.

David noticed that many of Delta Personnel’s clients suffered from similar HR headaches, and he decided to take action.

His quest for a solution brought him to Tampa, Florida, where he investigated a new way to mitigate costs and relieve businesses of excessive HR burdens. Florida was the birthplace of a new system then known as “employee leasing,” but now known as a PEO, or Professional Employer Organization.

Shortly thereafter, David handed the reigns of Delta Personnel over to his wife, and he founded Delta Administrative Services, Louisiana’s first PEO.

Since 2001, David has worked tirelessly to bring HR solutions to small businesses in the Gulf Coast area. The company serves clients from Lafayette, Louisiana to Meridian, Mississippi.

Schedule a call with David if you would like to bring stability, sanity, and growth to your small business.

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