COVID-19 Update September 11, 2020

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Where were you when the Twin Towers went down? A question we all know too well.

The terrorist attacks that occurred on September 11th changed America forever, taking the lives of almost 3,000 people who woke up that day thinking it was going to be like any other. Please take a moment to commemorate the fallen countrymen and women, their families who faced a devastating loss, and the fearless first responders who arrived on the scene. Consider what we stand for as a nation, INDIVISIBLE, with liberty and justice for all.

After this tragic event, we pulled together as one to make the world a better place. New protocols were introduced to improve the safety of our citizens, such as an increased fire drill frequency for skyscrapers and tighter airport security measures. Today, in the midst of a global health crisis, it is those who step up and chart new paths that represent what this country is all about. United we stand in the land of the free, home of the brave. Never Forget.

SHRM published a few articles that help with navigating some challenges surrounding COVID-19. First, as we approach flu season, many employers are wondering if they are able to require employees to vaccinate themselves. Depending on the industry and risk of exposure, certain organizations may be able to enforce such a policy. Next, although there isn’t a federal requirement to provide reimbursement for remote workers’ expenses (besides if it would lower wages below minimum), employers should consider offering this form of support to improve company culture and further motivate workers. Finally, as you reflect on the new realities of Coronavirus, there’s no better time to amend your performance review template to incorporate the new competencies required to manage the present workplace priorities.

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