COVID-19 Update May 22, 2020

Normally, I only enclose articles and attach them as PDFs; however, today I’m sharing a forgiveness calculator in the form of an Excel spreadsheet.

This AICPA spreadsheet is updated as the rules change, and you can go to their website to get the latest version. This version is as of yesterday. It’s very well done and we suggest you look at it to compare to whatever you are currently doing for your forgiveness calculations.

Hoping you are not spending your holiday weekend working on forgiveness calculations.

Today’s downloads:

NAPEO Update about new upcoming PPP legislation – Congress is working on legislation that will make changes to the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). Here’s what we know.

Pay Cuts become more common – This article helps you think through ways to keep your employees motivated in the age of pay cuts and pandemics.

PPP Forgiveness Calculator – This is the Excel spreadsheet mentioned above. It’s a beast, but it’s worth using.

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Have a great Memorial Day!

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