COVID-19 Update May 14, 2020

Lots of info today about benefits and changes going on with various plans.

Lots of info today about benefits and changes going on with various plans. Please take a minute to fill this out, we are looking forward to sharing responses. Here is the link if you have not participated yet.

Also, more interesting developments on the Workers’ Compensation front. If you have been keeping up, many states have passed executive orders or legislation that state that if an employee of yours becomes ill with COVID-19 and has worked for you within 14-days preceding the diagnosis, then it will automatically be assumed that the employee was infected at work, therefore making the illness a Workers’ Compensation claim.

Well, Illinois and a few other states have already had courts strike down these orders and rule in favor of the employer. California, of course, is moving forward with this and allowing anyone infected with COVID-19 to claim they were infected while at work. Many states, if not repealing it, are at least cutting it back to its original intent of covering first responders only.

Yesterday I attached the bill that the Democrats released from the House, and today we are sharing the response from the GOP in the senate.

Today’s downloads:

  • Covid-19 reveals the value of caregiving benefits – In 2019, more employers began offering caregiving benefits, and the COVID-19 situation may push employers that haven’t offered caregiving services to consider doing so.
  • How to accommodate at-risk workers – A great article that spells out who the at-risk workers are and how to try to accommodate them.
  • IRS FAQ – the most recent FAQ released by the IRS giving guidance for employees taking distributions from retirement plans due to the pandemic.
  • IRS Reverses Course on Retention Credits – The IRS reversed an earlier position and is now stating that it will allow employers to receive a tax credit for paying health care plan premiums for employees on furlough.
  • What happens when Unemployment pays too well? – A good article pointing out the consequences employees will face if they decide to forgo an offer to return to work because they’re making more money staying home and collecting unemployment.
  • When Employees Can—and Can’t— Change Benefit Plan Contributions – A great article breaking down the recent IRS notice allowing employees to make adjustments in their pretax contributions to their FSA plans.
  • GOP Senate Wishlist – This is the article summarizing what the Republicans in the Senate are looking for in the latest coronavirus relief package put forth by the House Democrats.

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