COVID-19 Update May 11, 2020

The Governor of Louisiana has announced that business reopening Phase 1 can commence starting on Friday, May 15th.

No matter how you feel about reopening, if we do things the right way and the safe way, we can open businesses and stay safe. Everyone needs to stay vigilant on all safety protocols and be aware of your surroundings along with knowing what you do affects others. We really are all in this together, so please pay attention!

We have a few interesting articles today, along with a flow chart that can be utilized as a simple tool for your team understand the FFCRA. We also have an article from the SBA on how the Phase 2 PPP loan program is coming along. If you live in Louisiana, please review the Par Research brief, as it updates all Covid-19 infections for different areas of the state.

Today’s downloads:

Bringing them back – another great article from SHRM on how to answer questions from employees being recalled to work.

Can employees refuse a recall to work? – another SHRM article about unemployment benefits and the refusal of an employee to return to work.

DAS FFCRA Paid Leave Flow Chart – this chart is an illustrated decision tree showing the FFCRA impact depending upon whether the employee’s return to work was an employer decision or an employee decision.

Louisiana Governor relaxing restrictions – summary of today’s press conference from Louisiana Governor Edwards.

PAR Research: Tracking COVID-19 Benchmarks– this is a study of COVID-19 infection trends in different areas of the state.

SBA PPP report – this is the report issued from the SBA on where things stand with the PPP program after the 2nd round of funding.

Have a Great Week! If you need anything to help your business reopen or help get your employees back to work, please don’t hesitate to call.

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