COVID-19 Update May 1, 2020

We have attached a few new items worth sharing. One is from Los Angeles which may affect tourism employers in Louisiana. It’s important because some laws and ordinances that start in California frequently get adopted in other areas. This ordinance passed by their city council is extremely onerous for employers, especially in the hospitality industry. It essentially says that if the employer has an open position, any workers who were previously laid off have first right of refusal on those jobs. The employer MUST offer those jobs to the laid off workers first with a five day right to pass or play.

Next, a few articles were released today covering the IRS announcement that it was denying the deductibility of expenses paid with forgiven PPP loans. We URGE you to get with your accountant so you can fully understand the tax implications of PPP Loan Forgiveness and your ability to deduct expenses paid by your PPP loan. The more that comes out, the more confusing it is on how this will affect your finances for this year.

Today’s downloads:

IRS Denies Deductions Paid with Forgiven PPP Loans – this is an article about the new IRS ruling on how your deductions will work in association with the forgiveness of the loan for the PPP Loans.

Los Angeles Continues to Lead Worker Protection – this details the Los Angeles City Council ordinance for workers in the hospitality, janitorial, and tourism industries.

Ten Steps All Workplaces Can Take to Reduce Risk of Exposure to Coronavirus – this is one of two flyers enclosed for restaurants for guidelines.

COVID-19 Guidance for Restaurants & Beverage Vendors Offering Takeout or Curbside Pickup – here is the second flyer for restaurants our safety team has put together.

COVID-19 Regulatory and Legislative Activity – this is the latest update from the NCCI listing workers’ compensation legislation either pending or put in place by Governors’ executive orders by state.

Have a Great Weekend!

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