COVID-19 Update March 29, 2020

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Today’s update has 5 downloads, here are the explanations for each:

  • Covid-19 Information from the Louisiana Workforce Commission  – This is a brief document giving guidance to workers and employers on how to handle unemployment, reduced work hours or layoffs released last week  by the Louisiana Department of Labor.
  • The CARES act and the PEO relationship – This document from NAPEO verifies that if you are in a PEO relationship, it does not affect your ability to apply for any SBA loans.
  • DAS Summary of Payroll Assistance Programs – This is a 3 page comparison of the Payroll Protection Program, the Employee Retention Tax Credit, and the Payment Deferral of the Employer’s Social Security Taxes programs available to employers within the CARES Act.
  • Delta Notice to Clients – Similar to the previous document, this is a summary that NAPEO released describing three programs outlined above.
  • OSHA Guidance for Preparing Workplaces – This is OSHA’s “How To” document giving recommendations as well as descriptions of mandatory safety and health standards. The recommendations are advisory in nature, dealing specifically with Coronavirus in the workplace.

After sitting in on many calls and webinars since the passage of the Cares Act, the details of the information has “yet to be determined.”

Our intention today was to be able to outline lots of the details for you; however, there was several webinars with conflicting details. We will wait until we receive further guidance directly from the SBA before giving advice on the new CARES Act.

More to come as details are available. Please don’t hesitate to call if you have any concerns

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