COVID-19 Update July 9, 2020

A big thanks to all of those that attended our webinar today put together by our lovely staff here at Delta! We touched on the latest for PPP loans and forgiveness and reviewed some COVID-19 safety information, finishing it off with a training on our newest technology features and tools for efficiency. As a reminder, these sessions will occur every other Thursday at 3 PM CST. Next time, we will discuss inclusion and diversity in addition to any updates to what we shared with everyone today, among other pressing topics. Stay tuned in for the link!

As a member of the Louisiana Small Business Taskforce, Teresa has asked me to enclose a few flyers from the City of New Orleans about Phase 2 rules, along with information on schools reopening in Orleans Parish. See below, and as always, please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions specific to your business.


Today Downloads:

  1. SCOTUS Upholds Broad Standard For Permitting Religious Exemption From Employment Discrimination Claims – In light of this decision, religious employers should assess their employees’ positions and ensure that job descriptions, handbooks, and contracts are clear regarding the important religious functions that employees perform, the behaviors that they model, and that their expected teachings and other responsibilities in carrying out the faith are clearly outlined and consistently evaluated and enforced.
  2. Analysis of the COVID-19 Pandemic’s Impact on the New York State Workers’ Compensation System – While managing a pandemic in a dense urban area presents a myriad of complexities, the New York State workers’ compensation system will undoubtedly be called upon to compensate workers infected with the COVID-19 disease in the course of employment.
  3. Managing Both Onsite and Remote Workers Requires Finesse – A hybrid workforce can lead to feelings of resentment between employees who are allowed to continue working remotely and those who are being told they can’t any longer.
  4. City Of New Orleans Health Department Guidelines For Covid-19 Reopening Phase Two – On July 5, 2020, the City experienced its third day of over 50 cases (rolling 5 day average) and the positivity rate has increased to over 4%. Given this evidence of sustained negative trends in public health data, the New Orleans Health Department must implement additional restrictions in order to reduce community spread of COVID-19 in New Orleans.
  5. NOLA Public Schools Update on Plans for Reopening – Today’s presentation from the City of New Orleans.
  6. NOLA Public Schools Roadmap to Reopening – This includes details on phased reopening and issues that may arise.
  7. Phase 2 Guidelines – This is a flyer on the capacity restrictions.
  8. Phase 2 Updates – This is a flyer on new changes to restrictions effective July 11th.
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