COVID-19 Update July 21, 2020

Today, the Governor of Louisiana announced he will be extending Phase 2 until at least August 7th, hoping that by this time cases will be trending down again so we can start to work towards entering a new normal.

Delta has focused on changing its benefits platform to meet the new needs for employees during and beyond this pandemic. Planning employee benefits for 2021 presents HR with unique challenges. As employers await word on health plan costs for next year, which insurers usually provide in November, they must decide how to allocate benefits budgets, choose which benefits programs to offer, and figure out how to communicate changes to employees.

Furthermore, we created this guide on surviving the aftershocks of COVID-19 with our software company that gives some real insight and forethought into getting through this pandemic as a small to medium-sized business in this economy. We recommend everyone take a minute to read this and let us know if you have any questions or comments.

A question we get often concerns how and when to pay quarantined workers. The answer is complicated, involving several factors, including whether you are subject to the FFCRA. All employers, however, should carefully craft quarantine pay policies to ensure consistency and avoid liability.

As a reminder, we are hosting another webinar this week on Thursday, July 23rd at 3 PM CST. Register here to learn more about the next stimulus package coming out of DC, receive guidance on PPP forgiveness, and hear from our experts on transitioning employees diagnosed or exposed to COVID-19. As usual, we will plan for a Q&A session to follow.

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