COVID-19 Update July 15, 2020

Today, the State of Louisiana website was so inundated with hazard pay applications opening to essential workers, all of their servers shut down, including ones used for things like paying taxes. The State eventually had to come out and advise that if you owed taxes today, you have until Friday to pay them.

We are hearing the earliest anything would be passed for the next round and type of stimulus is at least a couple of weeks away, but nothing until August; though, this Congress has been unpredictable. That said, Congress has unanimously approved extra relief for non-profit groups to address both unemployment and PPP issues. If you own a nonprofit or sit on a board of a nonprofit group, you should read the article for more details below.


Today’s Downloads:  

  1. Congress Passes Coronavirus Relief for Nonprofit Groups – The bill eases a cash flow problem by reducing the share of unemployment benefits that nonprofit employers, in particular, must pay upfront for furloughed employees.
  2. DHS Rescinds Policy Change on Temporary COVID-19 Exemptions for Certain International Students – After facing a number of lawsuits filed by some U.S. universities and states, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has agreed to rescind the policy change announced July 6, 2020, that rolled back some of the temporary COVID-19 pandemic exemptions for international students in F-1 and M-1 status.
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