COVID-19 Update February 3, 2021

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Our national association, NAPEO has drafted this letter that our PEO clients can submit in lieu of Form 941 that many banks are requesting in PPP loan forgiveness applications. If they have any questions, please have them call 504-274-3401, and we will make sure they understand the SBA guidelines.

HR technology vendors have unveiled new vaccine management solutions designed to help HR leaders track the immunization status of their workers, monitor vaccine supplies, and assess the shifting COVID-19 risk status across their organizations. Additionally, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issued worker safety guidance for coronavirus protection programs on Jan. 29, requiring greater input from employees and enhanced mask protections.

This vaccine has raised many operational concerns for employers who are desperate to get back to pre-COVID times, and our team at Delta is here to help you navigate these complicated waters. Please contact us for help with developing your COVID-19 immunization policy or to learn more about our capabilities to track employee vaccinations using our HRIS system.

The Department of Labor (DOL) has withdrawn three letters relating to wage and hour laws that were issued during the final days of the previous administration. On Biden’s first day in office, the White House asked federal agencies to freeze proposed and pending regulations. Fortunately, the recency of these letters means that most employers haven’t modified anything based on them, yet.

Lastly, we are all looking forward to tomorrow’s webinar discussion and hope you’re able to attend. Our staff is prepared to walk through the latest legislation under President Biden and which changes will affect your business – in particular, what has been proposed and what is now being enforced. Please be sure to register here and add it to your calendar!

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