COVID-19 Update August 21, 2020

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Happy Friday! We attended an informative webinar today where the Federal Reserve Bank in Atlanta presented to the Resilient Louisiana Commission on the state of housing, both locally and nationally. There were lots of insights shared on income disparity, housing shortages, and statistics between demographics. Then, HousingNOLA’s executive director walked everyone through some of the statewide priorities for a more equitable operation, noting some of the most recent legislation and policy updates in Louisiana.

We also want to share another interesting presentation on the retail landscape predictions and forecasts, including local markets. More than one-third of Americans have seen a decline in their income or savings in the last two months, yet thousands of e-commerce websites have been launched since the start of the pandemic. The biggest concern for retailers post-coronavirus is the shift in distribution channels, with so many storefronts sitting near empty. It’s going to be interesting to see how these businesses adapt in the future.

Lastly, in case you missed yesterday’s webinar hosted by the team at Delta, here is the link to the recording.

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