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You trained half of your life to take care of patients. You knew that running your own medical practice would be challenging.

What you probably weren’t prepared for, is the back-office busy work.

Spending endless hours filing reports and handling human resources administration?

Stressing out over managing employees and government reporting?

Did You Know That Delta Handles:

Including 940s, 941s, W2s, W4s, FLSA, and I-9s.

Reviewing and negotiating claims, avoiding wrongful terminations, and reducing insurance rates.

Evaluating healthcare plan options, obtaining and funding a great health plan, reporting, and communicating with employees.

Lowering your insurance rates through group buying, administering claims, and dealing with related reporting requirements.

Identifying causes of injuries and implementing ongoing training, coaching, and communication to create a safer work environment.

Our HR experts protect you by ensuring that you are fully compliant with all current government regulations, including interviewing, hiring, I-9 compliance, discipline, termination, and even whether your job classifications are aligned with applicable wage and hour laws.

If you’re swamped by HR and filing reports, then we can save you time and money.

70% of physicians spend more than one day a week on administration according to a 2014 study in The Practice Profitability Index. Plus, that work isn’t easy or enjoyable–it’s a pain.

What would do if you got those 50 days a year back? 

When you stop wrestling with payroll, taxes, garnishments, insurance, workers’ compensation, FLSA, I-9 compliance, COBRA, and unemployment claims, what will you do or who can you help with all that extra free time?

Our clients in Baton Rouge, Lafayette, and New Orleans use their extra hours to grow their business 7-9% faster, lower their turnover by 10-14%, and decrease their chances of failure by 50%.

Isn’t it time you got some help with HR? You should care for your patients and grow your practice.

Imagine looking at your screen one time and seeing everything was OK. Nothing was due. No issues to solve. When Delta’s Full-Service HR manages your payroll creation, your reporting, your benefits, and your HR administration, you won’t have to imagine—it’ll be your new reality.

It’s time to consider joining 175,000 other small to mid-size businesses in America who have bundled their Human Resource services [joined a Professional Employment Organization (PEO)].

Our Louisiana healthcare clients can confirm their businesses have been in great health since they partnered with Delta.

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