What Do You Do When the Unimaginable Happens?

A New Orleans restaurant company learns the true value of a trusted HR partner.

With over one hundred employees and a minimal back-office staff, New Orleans-based Bead Tree Restaurant Group had to make a choice — hire more people just to handle payroll and human resources (HR), or outsource to a company that specializes in those particular services.

Based on prior experience, they chose to outsource payroll and HR to Delta Administrative Services. Delta’s all-in-one approach frees Bead Tree to concentrate on serving fantastic sandwiches and sweet tea at all their McAlister’s Deli locations in and around New Orleans.

An All-in-One Approach to HR Brings Focus to a Business

In addition to payroll withholding and reporting, Delta provides a one-stop shop for HR capabilities supporting the whole employee life cycle. They deliver a comprehensive range of services including:

  • Staffing and interviewing
  • Hiring and on-boarding
  • Safety training, preventative maintenance, and audits
  • Regulatory compliance and government reporting
  • Workers’ compensation complaints and reporting
  • Employee reprimands, documentation, and terminations
  • Wrongful termination complaints and litigation support
  • Employee pay garnishments
  • Best practices training for managers

According to Willie Mendez, Bead Tree’s Director of Operations, “Delta brought instant structure and organization. That’s where we were lacking as a company. They accomplished more in the first few weeks than we had been able to achieve in years on our own.”

Bead Tree views Delta as their trusted partner, going to them for advice and help with almost anything related to employees and workplace safety. Delta also stays current with changing government labor regulations and reporting requirements.

Instant Structure from Outsourcing HR Makes Regulations Easy

In the past, we’ve had to pay fines for things as simple as not reporting terminations on time to the state. Delta’s handling of government reporting, workers’ comp, and wrongful termination complaints has pretty much eliminated fines and being called to testify or attend hearings.”

Bead Tree employees are encouraged to contact Delta directly with any questions, issues, or complaints, just as they would an in-house HR department. In this way, Bead Tree employees enjoy the kind of HR service normally only found in much larger companies.

Before Delta, Bead Tree didn’t really have any formal policies and procedures in place. Managers were untrained and paranoid. Safety was a constant worry, because accidents like slips and cuts are an all-too-present reality in the restaurant trade.

Delta brought formal processes, training, and documentation for situations that could be encountered by front-line restaurant managers — who are often young and inexperienced.

Know What to Do and Who to Call in Every Situation

Now, if an employee is injured on the job, the manager knows exactly what to do, who to call, what information to gather, and what forms must be filled out. This predefined process guarantees that the injured employee receives correct treatment and the business is protected.

But how do these processes and training hold up when the unimaginable happens?

One restaurant faced the ultimate challenge when a kitchen employee passed out, fell, and was injured. Following Delta’s training, the manager called first responders, notified Bead Tree management and Delta, and began documentation.

Then, the unfortunate turned into the unthinkable. The injured employee passed away on the way to the hospital.

Everyone was in shock. Delta personnel were immediately dispatched to the restaurant to offer assistance. Not only did they help with immediate needs like due diligence and clean-up, but also with longer term issues such as trauma and grief counseling.

Delta worked directly with Bead Tree management and restaurant staff throughout the whole ordeal. Mr. Mendez offers,

Delta is part of our team, part of our family. People from Delta just showed up – people I had never met before. You can’t put a price on that.”

Eventually, Bead Tree management was notified that the employee’s death was not job-related. Several of the staff were transferred to other locations. The restaurant was remodeled and Delta helped celebrate its grand re-opening.

According to Bead Tree, the benefits of working with Delta include:

  • Greatly eases payroll prep and reporting
  • Delta handles reporting and regulatory compliance
  • Structure and organization
  • Delta helps management make correct and informed decisions
  • Helps with unexpected situations – Delta can advise, or will find out and follow up
  • Policy, processes, and training give clarity of how to handle problems
  • Safety training and accident handling
  • Savings from payroll, safety, and human resources support

Business Owners Can Reclaim Freedom

But the biggest benefit is freedom. After all, Bead Tree Restaurant Group is in the hospitality business. Delta frees Bead Tree management to focus on good food and good times instead of worrying about HR.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can alleviate HR concerns within your company.


I truly believe human capital is the most important piece of any business.”

— Willie Mendez, Dir. of Operations, Bead Tree Restaurant Group

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