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Building a Culture of Trust in the Workplace

Workplace toxicity can really disrupt the productivity and bottom line of your company.  If your employees don’t feel safe, they will be distracted and unable to focus on their work. Implementing a culture that celebrates your employees and allows them to feel like they’re working for a trustworthy company is the best way to keep your workplace running peacefully and efficiently. Continue reading as we discuss four tips on building a culture of trust in the workplace.

1. Acknowledge accomplishments

One of the best ways to create a trust culture is by genuinely recognizing employees when they are doing a good job. Small gifts or mass recognition can really boost the morale of your employees and make everyone want to work harder. If your employees feel heard and noticed, they’re more likely to trust you.

2. Include check-ins at every meeting

Checking in with your employees at every meeting is ideal for helping establish trust. This is especially true for virtual companies where employees don’t see or interact with each other every day. By starting your meeting with a simple, “What does everyone want to achieve today?” and ending by stating everyone’s next steps and deadlines, you can help create relationships of trust and honor commitments.

3. Encourage listening to one another

By encouraging your employees to listen to one another and hearing them out yourself, you increase the likelihood that people will be themselves and feel more comfortable expressing that. This way, when someone is speaking, you can rest assured that everyone is listening and will ask for clarification if they don’t understand something. Reducing miscommunications is another great way to improve workplace productivity. 

4. Prove to your employees that you trust them

Try to avoid micromanaging as much as possible. You hired your employees because you trust them to do the right thing, and it’s important that they sense this from you. Everyone will be able to relax a little more once they feel like they’re trusted and not being micromanaged.

At Delta Administrative Services, our HR professionals are experts at creating positive work environments and implementing trust cultures in the workplace. By outsourcing your HR to us, you can trust that your payroll, employees, and benefits administration are being handled by some of the most experienced personnel in the field. Schedule a call with us today to learn more about the solutions we offer!

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