Here are many of the forms we use for our employees, they are separated by category. Please let us know if you have any questions, or do not see a form that you need.

10/2/2013 2013 Basic Option Statement n/a
10/2/2013 2013 Benefit Summary n/a
10/2/2013 2013 Benefit Summary - Guardian n/a
10/2/2013 CIGNA STD Claim Form n/a
10/2/2013 Enrollment and Investment Election Form n/a
10/2/2013 FSA Enrollment Kit n/a
10/2/2013 Life Insurance Enrollment Form n/a
10/2/2013 LTD Enrollment Form n/a
10/2/2013 STD Enrollment Form n/a
Employment Forms
10/2/2013 Absentee Form n/a
10/2/2013 Corrective Action Form n/a
10/2/2013 Direct Deposit Form n/a
10/2/2013 i9 Original NEW n/a
10/2/2013 Letter of Resignation n/a
10/2/2013 Minor Application to Employ Form n/a
10/2/2013 Personnel Action Form n/a
Payroll Forms
10/2/2013 C4 - CA State n/a
10/2/2013 Direct Deposit NEW 08.15.13
10/2/2013 L4- LA State n/a
10/2/2013 M4 - MS State n/a
10/2/2013 W4 n/a
10/2/2013 W4 Spanish n/a
Risk Management & Insurance
n/aAcknowledgement of Available Modified Duty Form n/a
n/aGuest Related Incident Report n/a
n/aInjury /Accident Investigation - Witness Statementn/a
n/aInjury/Accident Report n/a
n/aMedical Information Release Form n/a
n/aMedical Treatment Request Form n/a
n/aModified Duty Employment Agreement Form n/a


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